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The Clinical Databases of the Orthopeadic Research Laboratory

The Orthopaedic Research Laboratory manages two major database registries which are continuously updated with patient and medical data. We have a dedicated database assistant ensuring that all eligible patients are included. The database assistant furthermore check and collect missing data from the individual medical records to ensure a good rate of compliance. A number of project databases varying in size and duration are managed by the lab.

In 2007 the Orthopeadic Research Laboratory was able to celebrate its 17-year anniversary of teh limbar spine database and its 14-year anniversary regarding perspektive registration. This is a unique feat, as the database was created long before it was politically correct to talk about quality assurance and monitoring treatment results. Today, everybody agrees that the health care services must be able to socument the effect and any complications in connection with the treatment stragegies implementet. The rising health expenditure is creating a need for quality adssurance and cost-effectiveness analysis.

In 1989 Professor Cody Bünger in cooperation with Chief surgeon Finn Bjarke Christensen, MD, Ph.d., DMSc commenced pilot studies with the aim of a later prospektive registration of all lumbar spina fusion surgery at the University Hospital of Aarhus.The pilot studies were concluded by means of a retrospective follow-up study, in which the patients were asked how they felt on the date of the follow-up and how they evaluated their situation prior to surgery. The patients completed questtionairs regarding physical activity, work-leisure, anxiety-depression, and sicial status along with a questionnaire regarding complications.All medical records were examined several times before the final registration setup was ready. By the start of 1993 the final database setup was rady and the perspective registration could begin based on objective and subjective data. Over the years the database has been revised three times as have the patient and medical questionnaires. 


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